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Method for preventing thermal expansion of power cable

(1) Cables and accessories. In order to reduce the thermal expansion and contraction of large-section cables, the cable cores should be split conductors, which not only reduces ...


How to ensure cables’ performance in outdoor

Cable installation faces the problem of how to efficiently transfer data in a campus environment. Routing choices, transmission distances, and application environments all affec...


Causes and hazards of moisture in XLPE insulated overhead lines

In urban power grid reconstruction projects, cables, especially xlpe insulated overhead lines(including aluminum abc cable,abc cable 35mm,PE insulated abc cable), have been wide...


22kV XLPE Power Cable Technical Requirements


The cable conductor shall be made from high conductivity stranded High Density aluminum to form compacted circular shaped conductor having res...


Fire resistant control cable Use characteristics

Use characteristics

1. AC rated voltage: UO/U 0.6/1KV.

2, the highest long-term working temperature: flame-retardant PVC insulation and sheath 70 ° C and 105 ° ...


Low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant wire and cable performance advantages

Low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant wire and cable

The insulation and sheathing materials of low-smoke and halogen-free flame-retardant wire and cable are mostly t...


Ordinary flame retardant wire and cable performance

Ordinary flame-retardant wire and cable insulation and sheathing materials are generally made of halogen-containing (or modified with halogen-containing flame retardants) polyme...