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Precautions when installing flexible cables

   Flexible cable is different from ordinary fixed installation cable, in the installation, please refer to the following installation and attention:



Failure overhead cable and preventive measures

(1) In the distribution line, because the line horizontally, and a smaller distance between the lines, if the wires within the same span sag is not the same as when the wind is ...


What's the role about the cable inner sheath?

What's the role about the cable inner sheath?

Insulation will not make water, air or other objects in contact, insulation to prevent insulation from moisture and ...


Relationship between Cable Voltage and Core Number

Single-core cable: Longer lines,when the circuit with large working current or underwater laying is used, in order to avoid or reduce the intermediate joint, or the single-core ...


Power Cable Rated Voltage & Basic Structure

Power cable is used for transmission and distribution power cable, power cable is often used in urban underground power grid, power stations, which leads to the line, industrial...


difference between twisted cables and aluminium phase conductors

Cable and wire have many differences in size, structure, use and characteristics, so they can not be confused with each other. To distinguish between this is actually very simpl...


High Temperature Cable Use Attention

1. High temperature cable we need to pay attention to the daily use of its surface clean, can not have debris adsorbed on the surface of the cable, but also pay attention to the...

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