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How to choose and buy cheap and fine wire and cable

As the main carrier of electric power transmission, electric wire and cable are widely used in electrical equipment, lighting circuit, household electrical appliances, etc., the...


Indoor low voltage cables security selection

Indoor low-voltage cable is installed for the transmission low voltage alternating current wires in the indoor, The indoor voltage is more 220V or 380V, the former is used for l...


What should be paid attention during flat cable installation?

1, the flat cable insulation resistance conversion to 1km, temperature is +20℃, the power wire should not be less than 30MΩ/km.

2, voltage test ...


XLPE Insulated Power Cable of Rated Voltage 6kV-35kV


Used for power distribution in grid or industrial equipment.


Rated voltage 3.6-35kV cable conform to the standard GB/T12706-2008,IEC6...


Research and analysis of the structural composition of cable products

Most of the wire and cable products are products with the same cross-section (cross-section) shape (ignoring manufacturing-related errors) and long strips, which are used as fea...


The Concept of Environmentally Friendly Cable

Low smoke halogen-free cable is not "green cable"? In fact, we all know that the entire cable structure of halogen content of less than 0.5% of the cable, called low s...


China builds world's longest 220kV AC submarine power cable

Electrical power systems are the backbone of modern life. But how does one "empower" remote islands? 

One obvious answer remains "subm...

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